ESSE Adult Day Care Centers

ESSE is a special place where seniors gather during the day to enjoy the companionship of new friends. ESSE offers a safe, relaxing environment with a variety of enjoyable, stimulating activities.

JUST of Dupage

JUST of DuPage shares God’s love and provides a range of services to the inmates of the DuPage County Jail in order to empower them to make positive changes in their lives.



I Am Second

I am Second is a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others. Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts. Your next-door neighbor. People like you. The authentic stories on provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday living. These are stories that give hope to the lonely and the hurting, help from destructive lifestyles, and inspiration to the unfulfilled. You’ll discover people who’ve tried to go it alone and have failed. Find the hope, peace, and fulfillment they found. Be Second.

Bible Gateway

Read and Search the Bible. Enter the Bible passage (e.g. John 3:16), keyword (e.g. Jesus, prophet, etc.) or topic (e.g. salvation) you want to find.

Study Light

Online Bible Resource.

Sonic Light

online commentary on the whole bible



Mission Lazarus

Mission Lazarus is a nonprofit organization focused on planting and growing churches in third-world nations through Educational, Medical, Agricultural, and Spiritual outreaches offered unconditionally to the communities we work in. We are a holistic ministry that believes in Christ’s example of preaching through works and action.

Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and we ship the meals to nearly 70 countries around the world